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A school, dance or music concert is an important event to have captured professionally so you can look back at it fondly in years to come. Here at Mode Video we have been filming these types of events for many years and produce a professional product. We can use up to four cameras to cover your event. Contact us to enquire about filming your next production. Mode Video staff have Working with Children Checks.


Mode Video Productions is at the forefront of technology and are offering your concert online to watch, stream, cast and download in Full HD



  • 4K UHD/Full HD quality, so parents can actually see their kid's faces

  • Stream and cast your concert in 4K to your Smart TV via our password-protected private link

  • Ability to watch the concert on the road, at school, in bedrooms, etc... You're not restricted to only where the DVD player resides. This includes phones, laptops, tablets and Smart TVs

  • Download and play on USB in up to 4K resolution

  • No more skipping and unplayable disks

  • No need to collect orders or distribute DVDs around concert time

  • No need for additional Try Booking fees (if using this platform to sell DVDs)

  • Faster turnaround

  • Flat-fee production cost

  • All students and families will have access

  • DVDs & BluRays are still made available if families still want the concert in this format

  • Contact us for an example online concert link


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